Ideal Mecanic is one company you would be very lucky to count on your roaster of contractors when you manage a building like our Syndicate does.

As a syndicate, we looked for a ventilation company to advise us about our previous ventilation system and to maintain our systems.
Contrary to other contractors, Ideal treats its customers with respect : They return their calls, respect their commitments and are dedicated to their task. Their advice is solid, and their CEO is a very good communicator and someone who does not give up when comes the time to solve an issue.

So far, their employees have proven to be professional, thorough, and very good at diagnosing issues with some of our systems, which our previous contractors could not figure out for many years.

Ideal Mecanic is not the cheapest on the block. However, they bill fairly. Their costs are not outrageous either to be clear. They have an impressively good system which allows the customer to receive a detailed description of the work done by their technicians.

If you want the job to be done once, I would definitely recommend them.

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